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DAC Test Prep has two convienent locations in the town of Huntington and Kings Park, Long Island, NY.

We also provide in-home tutoring for the S.A.T.

We currently provide a prep course for the C.H. S. E. E. (Catholic High School Entrance Exam) and individual tutoring in Math and Verbal Skills for the new SAT.

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C.H.S.E.E. Prep Course

C.H.S.E.E. Test Prep

  • Taught by qualified, experienced teachers
    from Saint Anthony's High School, South Huntington, NY
  • Limited class size
  • Convenient locations in Huntington, NY and Kings Park, NY

Our C.H.S.E.E. courses cover:

  • Verbal Skills
  • Math Skills
  • Test Taking Techniques
  • Confidence Building Exercises